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We are a customized Donut shop that caters to our customers. By creating a menu geared toward YOU, we ensure that you will always leave satisfied. Our donuts are made fresh every day. Our team starts at 4 in the morning making fresh yeast, and cake donuts daily. We even special make our donuts per customer demand when we can. We have a wide variety of offerings from our classic donuts (ohl’ fashioned glazed, chocolate iced, vanilla cake, etc), to our classic creation donuts, (maple bacon, sea salted caramel, boston cream, etc), as well as our inspired creations (apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon twists, etc). Sweet Shop Donuts Café is more than a place to get fabulous donuts. It's also a full cafe, featuring food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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1800 South Creek One powhatan, VA 23139



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