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Created by acclaimed restaurateur Michael Ripp, Burger Bach is the latest in a long line of groundbreaking Richmond, VA restaurants spanning 20 years and comes from his creativity and numerous trips to New Zealand.

Burger Bach is a Gastronomical Public House or in short a “Gastro Pub”.  The “Gastronomical” part has to do with emphasis and focus on quality food through better ingredients and preparation.  A “Public House” is a term with its origins in Europe and is a gathering place for people to have a drink and socialize.

The idea for Burger Bach came about due to the awful and unhealthy foods patrons are forced to endure when they go out to have a drink and a bite to eat while watching a sporting event, socializing or finding true nourishment in a fun atmosphere.  We have taken basic food items and sourced better quality, more naturally created and then have taken the care in preparing these items to get the most benefit from them without sacrificing “taste”.  Actually, our items are much tastier than others simply because we do not over process any items we use.  We use all natural products except where noted and use organic if possible.  We think life is complicated enough and you shouldn’t have to worry about the food you eat making your life even more difficult because of preservatives and other unnatural alterations that modern processing does to ensure a long shelf life.  Food should be as “fresh” and “unprocessed” as possible to ensure there is actually nourishment from the meal you have.

Our mantra at Burger Bach is “Are we there yet” just like the kids used to say when traveling to the holiday home.  Please let us know any suggestions you have to make the experience of your “getaway” to the Bach a better and more memorable time.

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